Friday, January 24, 2014

Rainbow Pride

Feeling colourful today so decided to make a little rainbow assortment on my eyes. I'm bored at home today, doing washing and cleaning (blergh) so I decided to brighten things up!
I used my Sugarpill pressed shadows for this look, I've been using their products for quite a while now and they're definitely up there in my top brands.

You can still see a bit of lash glue but never mind haha

Such fun colours to play with, so so extremely pigmented. So I used Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Sportsgirl brozer for contour. Lips is Nude Attitude by Revlon.
 On eyes -

From L-R Love +, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake
Midori, Afterparty & Poison plum
 ♥ ♥

Enjoy your weekend beautifuls x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Todays MOTD

Hello, hello! Feeling cheery today so decided to do some pretty purple eye makeup :)
On my face I've used Natio Day Mosituriser, Rimmel Stay Matte foundation (new faveeeee), Maybelline Concelear and Rimmel Stay Matte powder. To contour I used my Sportsgirl bronzer, and added a little Chi Chi highlight.

For this I used all the purples and a bit of black from my new Morphe brushes palette - the #35. I love this palette, it cost under $20 and has a wide variety of beautiful colours. I ended up ordering 2 palettes, and once they arrived I was so impressed with the quality I went back online and got them all! Plus a tonnnnnn of lashes because they sell them for $2! Crazy!

This is my 35 and 35b palette and some of the lashes I got!
Soooo in love and so much choice.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Well hello..

I haven't used this blog for so long, probably around 3-4 years now. I used to use it for my little beauty obsessions, a place to post about my interest in makeup and all things beauty. I will be adding little tidbits of that also, but I also just need somewhere to write. I have so much continuously going around in my head, and I think the only way for me to overcome things and get through them is to write them down and really be able to release them from my body.
I'm happy, I think. Somedays are better than others.